My 11 months experience of building an e-commerce start-up from scratch?

November 13, 2017
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Dedicating each day on discovering something new, I spoke to Saurabh, e-commerce head of, a start-up selling socks online.
5 minutes into the conversation and I experienced the hard work Saurabh had done in past 4 years to train himself on being able to build and lead a business from scratch.
On asking about his 11 months journey of building he shared few his approaches on how he learns from competition and how he is on the quest to apply original thinking to his approaches.
Below are his views on:
1) How he studies competition?
2) How does he drives his online business using social media
And lastly:
3) Learnings which help him stay on track.
1) How he studies competition:
Unlike the way we sift the ads or the marketing messages when trying to study competition, Saurabh’s guiding principle when learning from competition is to discover:
How do they create loyalists?
And then dedicating his entire energy to study all the touch-points, the data at each of those touch-points and finally the reason why the brand was able to create loyalists.
Example being a brand called which he studied and discovered that each customer touch-point of was well done. The products sold were good quality, their Facebook page, the primary driver of building their brand, told the brand story well and how very seamlessly from facebook the viewers were led to the website and mobile app to shop, leading him to uncover the key drivers of bewakook’s business: their facebook and their mobile app.
Leading to the next question:
2) How he drives online business using social media:
His approach to social media marketing being straight:
HOW CAN I SELL THROUGH SOCIAL MEDIA, underlining where most small businesses go wrong.
His view is most small businesses approach social media by creating posts INSTEAD they should ask THE HARD QUESTION:
Because facebook posts today are not as effective as paid lead generation ads, which can result in immediate business.
And even when we do want to create posts, which build a good brand community, then our approach to posts/content should be to create: “real conversations”, like the way Gary Vaynerchuk says creating content using “HUMAN CONNECTION” is the best way to build your community.
And lastly the lessons learnt, in 11 months of building e-commerce, which drive him forward:
– Don’t get disappointed, plans will fail and yet plan every detail
– Learn to ignore criticisms when anyone tries to pull down. But you: Go ahead and do it
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