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March 5, 2017
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November 13, 2017
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I read “eduShine” on a sign board, intrigued to know more, I entered their office and discovered they help in hiring faculties(professors) for top universities in India. And that they are the leaders in India.

The stat that they are the number one in India for academic hiring, got me interested to know how did it start and i scheduled a chat with Kalpesh the founder of EduShine and to find answers to:
1) Why did he start the business?
2) Why is he the number one in academic hiring in India?
Kalpesh‘s story started with him hustling for the big idea, that he could work on. The criteria of his selection being: it should be a blue ocean. And it started when on a common social evening, he met a college professor who told him that it’ so difficult to find professors. Being into recruitment search, he was quick to find that no one was working on this small niche market. And he started his first assignment pro bono, finding 2 new professors for his professor. Within 15 days he was able to close his first successful hiring making him confident of his finding, to convert into a full time business.
While he saw a promising business with his first quick result which built his confidence, little did he know that for next full year, he would have zero revenue. And when he would get his next business, it would be through a social contact.
Staying put, he today with 6 years in operation runs a business which he finds himself as number one in his category. And this stat suddenly starts to answer my question:
Why is he number one in academic hiring?
Staying so many years connecting people to employment, he has built close relationships with the industry academia, which trust his ability of finding the best work opportunities for them. And because they trust him, they do not use other consultants which allows EduShine the monopoly of the business.
For people starting off, learnings:
Relationships matter a lot. Relationship can lead you to your first business and even make you the leader in the category.
Go forward, create deep relationships which bring value to you and to your friends.

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